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Web Hosting for any website
Web Hosting for any website

Listen to what Web Hosting Sizzle Customers are saying!

Dear Internet Friend,

We want your business. At Web Hosting
Sizzle all we do is hosting. No design, no distractions, pure, unadulterated hosting services. And we think we've got a package that can't be beat! Sure, you can find cheaper rates (but it's hard) and you can even find more "features". But we are willing to bet you CAN'T find a better combination of price and features ANYWHERE!!! If you think you've found one, please let us know.
This is the only hosting service in its class (to my knowledge) with real testimonials from real, live people who actually exist. These are NOT made up. Sure, any scammer on the net can type up some testimonials and throw them up on a page. But we give you our word of honor that these are the real deal. A few of them don't have last names because we haven't obtained written permission to use their comments. They've sent us emails to say thanks, and we're reprinting them here for you.

"You can not beat the deal on Web Hosting Sizzle, the speed is there, the customer service is there, and the reliability is 99%. It would be hard to find another hosting provider that offers as much for 4X  the money. They're Great! "

Elaine Quah

"I want to thank you very much for your help and understanding. You guys did everything with a smile even when the problems were caused by our ignorance in the issues. Please show this to your supervisor and mention that we are satisfy with your work and follow up. We know we can count on you. Thank you very much."

Ricardo Guerrero

"Your service is really appreciated and I would like you to know that I have been very pleased with my experiece at Web Hosting Sizzle and I may have found a permanent home for my web sites and will begin moving some sites right away."
John Clavins


Walter Mann (quietencounters.com)

"Thanks for the quick response when we have problems. It's nice to know that we can depend on you to get things taken care of quickly :) 
Thank You very much Web Hosting Sizzle and thanks Sir D :)"

Dominick Peters

"I broke my server, doing installs of *experimental* software. Web Hosting Sizzle not only had someone there in the center to do a hard reboot of my RaQ, they even sent me an email within a couple of minutes of it going down to ask if I wanted it rebooted or if I needed it down for some reason! 

No big deal right? Simple monitoring of your clients boxes. Except they actually do it instead of promise it. They also responded with advice for the simple Linux idiot that I am on how to check the logs to show me what the machine was saying I did to it and where to find the log files. Nice to know I get what I pay for in a co-lo deal! Now don't get a big head :)"

Clive Warren

"Again many thanks for your help. You are indeed amazing and one great reason we made the right decision in doing business with Web Hosting Sizzle. Please do give yourself a pat on the back.
Thanks again, my friend. " 

JW Rogess

"I just want to thank you guys for very knowledgeable and ever growing support area. No sooner do I have question and its answered in the FAQ. You guys are all over it. I also was browsing to look into adding another server and when I saw your latest prices, wow! Thanks, I have received very good support from all your reps, John seems to be all over things (work-a-holic)"

Jim Sandoval

"I wanted to thank you guys for the great support and prompt action on my server problems, it's support like this that keeps customers. You have my complete vote of confidence and I'm looking forward to a long and profitable business relationship with your company."

J Dowdy

"You have a good system, because of your quick and accurate response. My experience is that a lot of providers offer a response within an hour, but very often they give you a response with  no solution. They promise to send it on to a tech, but nothing happens after several emails. 

This is where you excel. You can speak to someone that knows what they're talking about.  You're the best."

Thanks again, - Bette from Angel Lullaby

"I wish to express my thanks for your continuing support and excellent response. We host multiple servers located throughout the US and I can honestly say that yours are the best! Web Hosting Sizzle will be doing all our future servers. Keep up the good work."

Michelle M

"Your efforts are appreciated ! - at last I feel like someone is listening! Please pass on to your boss, my appreciation for your efforts in client care. It's rare these days."

Robert Stives

"I'm glad I chose Web Hosting Sizzle as my provider - everything has gone through without a hitch and I'm really pleased. Please don't hesitate to use my name if any future customers require a reference. Many thanks again."

Philip Kasper

"So far I'm very impressed with the professionalism and also the knowledge of the personal at Web Hosting Sizzle. We are EXTREMELY happy that we picked your organization among the hundreds that seem to exist. Thanks to your excellent web site that caught our attention."

Jayce C

"You guys are GREAT...THANKS...I have more business to refer your way. This is the FIRST TIME a company has done EXACTLY what they said they would do."

Thomas Barrett

"I like your good security. As a matter of fact we like everything about Web Hosting Sizzle. We have had nothing but good support and good service from Web Hosting Sizzle; Thanks again for the great service, we are comfortable with your reliability."

Angie M

"rav: i'm totally awed by the tech support section. Thanks for the info on crontab."

Rav on IRC Efnet's #hornet

Of course, some of these testimonials represent exceptional experiences, and aren't indicative of the average. Your experience will vary. Let us say this: We occasionally lose orders to some of our competitors because we don't make outrageous claims that we can't deliver on after the deal is done.

Fact: Many (and perhaps most) of our testimonials are from customers who are not friends or associates. Thus, they don't have a hidden motive for endorsing our service. It's just their honest opinion.

People sometimes ask us: "Aren't those testimonials just made up?" Nope. Why make 'em up when I get 2-4 new ones every week? Give us the chance to show you why more and more customers are coming AND staying at Web Hosting Sizzle.

 Web Hosting for any website
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