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Sizzle should be your next hosting provider-

In a nutshell.... We deliver where 90% of the others only give you empty promises. SERVICE! We are attentive to your needs and work hard to give you the single best value for your dollar anywhere because we will do what it takes to make you a happy & satisfied customer. Don’t believe us? Read some of these comments from existing customers.
We don’t offer the very cheapest packages on the web. Companies who do, can’t afford to give the kind of support that we give. Try one... you’ll see for yourself. Our packages are priced to cover a range of needs and we will *always* work with you to provide any solution you need within reason. Contact us for a custom solution.

Our system works. Unlike so many others who promise every trinket under the sun and deliver dirt, Web Hosting
Sizzle only offers what we *can* deliver on!

Web Hosting
Sizzle provides free account transfers to unhappy customers of the “other guys” and the first month free! Our 30 Day money back guarantee kicks in at the beginning of the 2nd month when you first pay for your new account.

We aim to please.....


At Web Hosting
Sizzle our focus is on *service*. There is no single more imporant aspect of our business than YOU the customer. We have gone to great lengths to ensure you are completely happy with your hosting plan and your feedback ensures we continue to evolve in this single most important area.

Our Support
- We have spent considerable time providing instant support tools for our customers. Our online resources are complete and cover most of the possible support issues you may have with your account. We haven’t stopped there though. For those cases where you can’t get the help you need online, we have dedicated toll free support to our customers. Our staff is committed to helping you get results and get them fast.

Our Servers - We only run the most time tested and versatile servers on the market today. Our machines are housed in a specially enclosed data center with all the systems necessary to guarantee reliability and security. We don’t discuss specifics on our site as we are very security conscious and this information can be used by hackers interested in penetrating the defenses of any provider. We will be glad to provide you with a technical overview by e-mail if you are a current customer of Web Hosting

System Administrators- Our administrators are experienced in all aspects of network operations and system administration. All of our choices from platform to operating system are chosen with stability, security, proven usage, and scalability in mind. We stand behind our plans by providing you with an Uptime Guarantee which proves we mean business!
Our Network - Web Hosting
Sizzle utilizes connections to multiple backbones to ensure that data reaches the end-user in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. We use Cisco routers because there are none better.

Bandwidth Utilization - Web Hosting
Sizzle’s network design ensures available capacity, even during peak traffic times. This provides for dependable bandwidth even for the busiest of websites. Network connectivity is a constantly evolving area at Web Hosting Sizzle and we are always exploring new solutions and technology in an effort to make sure content is delivered to your users whenever there is a demand. Our bandwidth utilization schemes also ensure maximum uptime, even if one of our upstream providers has an outage.

Backup - Web Hosting
Sizzle does daily backups of data to remote servers.


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