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Server Collocation -

 At Web Hosting Sizzle, we understand that establishing a presence on the Internet can be very expensive. After you add up the costs of a dedicated connection to the Internet, hardware, facilities, and, staff, it can be tens of thousands of dollars.

With this in mind we provide colocation services at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own network. We install your web server on our high-speed network at our state of the art datacenter facility. You administer your server remotely via Telnet, SSH or PC Anywhere from absolutely anywhere in the world.

We offer several options from colocation on our network, to full and half rack solutions where you choose the type of connection. Whatever the need, you are sure to find that we have the answer.

Our Data Center Facilities Include:

* High Speed Redundant backbone
* Primary and Secondary DNS
* 24/7 Security
* Dual Air Conditioners
* Dual Heating Plants
* Dual Power Grid
* Fire Detection Systems
* 24/7 Monitoring       


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